aerospace fasteners

  • Fasteners QC’d before shipping

    aerospace fasteners

    One product scanner forms part of an effective set of quality control processes. These processes are necessary to ensure that aerospace fasteners and all its accompanying parts have been thoroughly reviewed and inspected before they are sent to the holding warehouse. The warehouse also serves as a world-wide distribution center and all QC'd parts and components can now be packaged and shipped direct to all who order them. 

    Similar quality control standards are being applied to those parts and components that need to go direct to the client, no matter where in the world he is located. This is being checked via VMI and consignment programs in place. Given the general nature of industrial business, it's necessary to put together a parts inventory that's going to be in-stock for up to three years. And because an association is in place, new orders can be processed promptly and accurately, when required.

    Client inventories are well managed through the use of a barcode management system. And should any queries, concerns or disputes arise, the clients' service providers can quickly trace the data within the system to determine what may have gone amiss. VMI is the acronym being used for the vendor managed inventory. This system can be managed by the client himself. It allows for the flexibility of handling a system that makes sense to the client's business.

    There is efficiency of purpose in utilizing this system. Clients are still in a good position to continue focusing on the day to day running of their own business. numerous benefits accrue to those who use this system at will. And such benefits include consolidated billing outcomes and much improved lot traceability. Finally, for convenience's sake, and still dependent on the business concern, kitting services are also being provided to global clients.