What Does Compressed Air Equipment Do?

Perhaps a better way of explaining this would be to give you a handy introduction to compressed air by showing you what it does. And then perhaps it becomes a little easier for you to determine whether or not you will require the services of a compressed air equipment butler. Compressed air works like this. Compressed air is kept under pressure that is usually greater than your atmospheric pressure. This form of air serves as an important medium for the transfer of energy during all industrial processes.

compressed air equipment butler

Compressed air can be found in your everyday power tools. These will be your air hammers, drills, wrenches and a whole host of others. The compressed air is utilized to atomize paint. It can be used to operate air cylinders that need to run automatically. Compressed air is widely used to propel your everyday vehicles. They are commonly found on your large heavy duty and long distance use highway vehicles. These are your compressed air brakes. Historically, the installation of brakes applied by compressed air have made your large railway trains a lot safer and efficient to operate.

Underwater divers are using compressed air as part of their underwater survival kit. Compressed air becomes their breathing gas. The diver carries it in a high pressure cylinder. It can also be supplied from the water’s surface at lower pressures. This is done through an air-line or the proverbial diver’s umbilical cord. Similar tools are in use every day by your firefighters, industrial workers operating in hazardous work environments and your mine rescue workers. In fact, rescue workers of all kind would need to have their compact, portable and lightweight breathing apparatus fully functional in order for them to carry out and complete their work successfully.